After Hard Working Day

After a hard days work, we all have to find a way to recharge ourselves; clean our mind of pollution and give our souls much needed meditation.

What does that mean? Is it possible for me to have meditation somewhere in a forest, that is surrounded

by trees, bushes and thousands of crawling insects, striped of my technology, such as my Nikon D90 and iPhone?

Off course not. The engineers souls CAN NOT enjoy the dead trees that were ruthlessly hammered by funny looking woodpeckers without our Nikon cameras or been equipped with the latest generation GPS unit. I'd rather be capable of recording natures events, so that in 10 years, I could look at this picture & show many others the beauty i have seen, and enjoy that moment once again. This justifies the usefulness of technology.

We have been able to recapture moments, and many other conveniences that some people may underestimate, using all the available technologies, that help us enjoy life in a much more convenient and enjoyable way.

Neven Radic, Toronto, 2010