Photo geotagging

Nikon, Fuji, and other cameras have started to support the very handy feature, Geotagging. It is a large help in saving time by organizing pictures with an automatic response . Since it greatly saves time , I am not shy with the idea of investing in it. There is however one inconvenience and that is, trying to buy a GPS unit that fits my unique needs. Here is my research regarding GPS unit to my Nikon D90.
 Unit Cost Review - comment Compass support InDoor support Geo logger support
 Nikon GP-1 $200-$250Mix review, slow in both cold and hot sync
Best looking
 no no no
 Dawntech di-GPS
 $150 indoor capability, 
Built-in data logger - 8MB flash memory for up to 260,096 data points- small capacity
 yes yes yes
 Solmeta GPS DP-GPS n2
$150Good reviews, N2 has indoor capability, its remember last signal before loosing it

yes          yes no
 $150Excellent review, fast, USA made no yes no
YongNuo N-918

 $100It is Chinese replica of Nikon GP-1, it seems to work very similar as Nikon's unit. no no no
 Columbus nGPS GPS  $120Good review at Amazon no no no
 Geometr Gps Receiver $95 3 starts at Amazon no  

 $170Can be used with flash if  mounted on the strap or far back on the shoe.
Positive review by Terry White (
Bigger then others,
included 2GB memory card which stores up to 3 years of data, also has 2 years warranty.  
 yes yes yes

 JOBO GPS001 $150 
Best looking unit, geo logging with 128 MB
 no no yes

Ordered EasyTagger, once arrived will give you details review.