VB Script Error Code Description

Error Code Description

When error handling is turned on in VBCE or eVB, the Source property of the Err object will return "VBScript runtime error" when encountering one of the errors listed below.

5          Invalid procedure call or argument 6          Overflow 7          Out of memory 9          Subscript out of range 10         Array fixed or temporarily locked 11         Division by zero 13         Type mismatch 14         Out of string space 17         Can't perform requested operation 28         Out of stack space 35         Sub or Function not defined 48         Error in loading DLL 51         Internal error 52         Bad file name or number 53         File not found 54         Bad file mode 55         File already open 57         Device I/O error 58         File already exists 61         Disk full 62         Input past end of file 67         Too many files 68         Device unavailable 70         Permission denied 71         Disk not ready 74         Can't rename with different drive 75         Path/File access error 76         Path not found 91         Object variable not set 92         For loop not initialized 94         Invalid use of Null 322        Can't create necessary temporary file 424        Object required 429        ActiveX component can't create object 430        Class doesn't support Automation 432        File name or class name not found during Automation operation 438        Object doesn't support this property or method 440        Automation error 445        Object doesn't support this action 446        Object doesn't support named arguments 447        Object doesn't support current locale setting 448        Named argument not found 449        Argument not optional 450        Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment 451        Object not a collection 453        Specified DLL function not found 455        Code resource lock error 457        This key already associated with an element of this collection 458        Variable uses an Automation type not supported in VBScript 500        Variable is undefined 501        Illegal assignment 502        Object not safe for scripting 503        Object not safe for initializing 32811      Element not found